Currently #1- October 2015

Hi Friends. As we near the end October I thought I’d round up the end of the month with some of my day to day pondering. I picked up this idea from Jenny who picked it up from Erin (Always wants to give credit where credit is due) 🙂


READING: Beautiful Ruins. I’d like to say I’m enjoying this book but to be honest it’s been quite the slow read for me. I keep thinking it’s going to get better, especially as there is a little bit of mysteriousness that keeps you going, but it still hasn’t picked up any steam for me. I’m not one to quit a book, so despite the fact that I’m a little more than halfway through at this point I’m going to hold out hope that it gets better at some point.


LISTENING TO: Fool for Love by Lord Huron.

When I find a song that I love I can play it on repeat ENDLESSLY, and this is definitely my song of the month. At the gym, in the shower, during work, I have easily played this song hundreds of times in the course of just a few weeks and it has yet to get old. I love a song with lyrics that tell a good story.
Close Seconds: Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett…mostly because I stumbled upon this video a few weeks ago. 
 Thomas Rhett Love Story
Runner up: Beautiful Drug by Zac Brown Band. They can do no wrong in my opinion.

EATING: Candy Corn. I become pretty obsessed with the seasonal candy and candy corn during October is no exception. It’s not unusual for me to call Justin while he’s driving home from work and ask him to pick up a bag for me.

WEARING: Flannel and boots!! I must say as much as I love Houston, I’ve felt my first pang of homesickness for the east coast when “Fall” hit and there was no “Fall”. The temperature is still at a good 80 degrees here most days and I’ve put off the boots and flannel for as long as possible feeling like it’s just not the time. However, when I realized that in just another week or so we will already be in November I figured the only time is now and finally hauled them out.


WATCHING: Bindi Irwin on dancing with the stars. This girl is absolutely adorable and has an incredible attitude. It makes me happy that young girls have mentors out there like her and Sadie Robertson. I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars often but every now and then I’ll catch an episode. A few weeks back I almost wiped out on the treadmill, holding back tears, while watching Bindi’s tribute to her dad. Since then I’ve made sure to catch up on her dances through Youtube. Last week she knocked it out of the park yet again with her rendition of Dirty Dancing. I don’t want to jinx her, but honestly the girl can do no wrong.
Dirty Dancing


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